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02 February 2015 ~ 1 Comment

Apple TV 2: Update To Kodi (XBMC) v.14


Assuming that your Apple TV 2 is jailbroken, you can install Kodi media player on your jail broke device. For those that have an existing copy of XBMC on their Apple TV 2, i suggest completely removing XBMC along with dependencies and settings and installing a fresh copy of Kodi. At the time of this […]

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06 August 2014 ~ 48 Comments

Upgrade XBMC v.13 On Apple TV 2

XBMC icon

Hi folks. This tutorial is for the those with an Apple TV 2 that is already jail broken. For some of us, we’ve had our Apple TV 2’s jail broken for quite a while now and XBMC maybe be outdated. There’s nothing wrong with an outdated version of XBMC. When I first jail broke my […]

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01 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Apple TV: Device Isn’t Eligible For The Requested Built


  Someone had given me their Apple TV2 to investigate why Netflix stopped working. The Apple TV2 was in firmware version 4.4.4, and it appears that Netflix has stopped working on anything older that version 5. And so the only was to resolve the issue was to load firmware version 5.3 and to get Netflix […]

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21 June 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Apple TV2 ERROR 6000, 6001, 6002, 6003, etc

If you’re like me and you’re going for the iOS 5.0 update on your apple tv2 take note of the follow while trying to update. When trying to update my Apple TV2 with jailbroken firmware, I encountered the following error: “ERROR 6004“. Of course, this advice is beneficial to those getting ERROR code 9, 6000, […]

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26 March 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Install XBMC Onto Apple TV 2

You’ll now need to install the XBMC software to your device, which will basically add a new menu option to the native Apple TV functionality.

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16 February 2012 ~ 1 Comment

JailBreak Your Apple TV2

First of all, order an Apple TV box, you can get the newest version from Amazon. Jailbreaking your Apple TV2 is very straightforward. Download, run Seas0nPass. Seas0nPass for Mac Seas0nPass for Windows When running Seas0nPass, be sure to begin by selecting ‘Create IPSW’ and follow it’s instruction’s. You’ll know your done when Seas0nPass prompts you […]

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30 January 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Should I Jail Break My Apple TV 2?


In two words, “HELL YEAH” Up until a few weeks ago, Apple TV to me was nothing more than a media box to buy, rent and view media from your iTunes software on your computer. If I’ve got it wrong, please feel free to leave me a comment because Apple TV by itself it’s anything […]

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