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16 April 2011 ~ 576 Comments

Exploit Hack PSP Go OFW 6.35

I finally found it. I can now play ISOs and HOMEBREW apps on my PSP Go! The process was really easy and SAFE to do. You will not brick your PSP Go by using the exploit method of hacking your PSP Go. One thing to remember, when you do exploit your PSP Go, it your […]

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05 August 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Copy PS2 Game Saves From PC To PS2

PS2 Exploit fans can now download and load game saves to their PS2 memory cards! This video tutorial will show you how to move/copy PlayStation 2 game saves from your computer to your PlayStation 2 memory card. The BLOG

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01 February 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Play DVIX and MP3 files on Playstation 2

Hopefully, the subject above should peak a lot of interest from Playstation 2 owners. Now before you guys throw out your PS2’s, check out the video I’ve put together. I took the time to record myself getting my Playstation 2 to play DIVX files and MP3s. Check out the video below for all the details. […]

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25 January 2009 ~ 10 Comments

Create A PlayStation 2 Bootable Memory Card


It’s here! HOW TO CREATE A PLAYSTATION 2 BOOTABLE MEMORY CARD! Follow the instructions in the video, and you too can create your very own bootable memory card by using FREE MCBoot. You will need a MODDED PS2, a USB memory stick, a free memory card, ULaunch.ELF (copied to cd AND USB stick) & Free_MCBoot.ELF […]

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11 November 2008 ~ 709 Comments

Install A Hard Drive In Your Playstation 2 and Format

Install A Hard Drive In Your Playstation 2 and Format

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18 October 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Speed Up Your 4GB PSP Memory Stick

Have any of you experienced slowness on your new 4gb memory stick? Well first you need to check if you have a fake or a real one, the biggest way on how you can tell is by looking on your Memory Stick. Make sure you have “MagicGate” on it. Another way is to download the […]

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16 September 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Add An FTP Server to PSP CFW 3.x

Good news, I finally found an FTP server for my PSP. Now I can transfer files without always connecting my USB cable from my PSP to computer. Here’s what I used: pspftpd-v0.4.0 Now the thing to remember is to open the zip file and navigate to: pspftpd-v0.4.0 –> fw3.x –> COPY THE FOLDER ‘psp-ftpd’ and […]

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03 August 2008 ~ 756 Comments

Create Exploited Memory Card For PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Here’s documentation on creating your own exploited playstation 2 (ps2) memory card.

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03 August 2008 ~ 1 Comment

PSP friendly websites

Recently, I’ve been pretty interested in Sony’s Playstation Portable (PSP). The psp is a really nice sleek little system with some nice features. But right out of the box, it only plays UMD games and movies. Now I’m not going to get into hacking or unlocking a psp, that has already been posted on Soundwave’s […]

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03 August 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Playstation 2 Homebrewing

I’ve been searching the internet for information on Playstion 2 (PS2) homebrew. One disappointing fact about homebrew was that you needed a modded ps2 to run the applications, but this is not entirely true. During my research I’ve come across a few sources that state that you can run homebrew applications without a modded system. […]

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