04 October 2011 ~ 2 Comments

Presto Card is Crapo Card

Recently GO Transit was giving away free Presto cards, and in order to qualify for a free Presto card, all you had to do was flash your 10 ride pass..and or monthly pass. So I took my pass to a GO Transit ticket agent and picked up my free $6 Presto card just to give it a try and see what was all the fuss was about.

Now reason that I wanted to try Presto? I like the idea that I can reload my card over the internet at anytime and not have to wait in line at the end of the month or when my 10 ride pass is used up.

Now here’s where I get to bitch about the negative features of the Crapo err Presto card.

When you fill your card, it takes up to 24 hours for the funds to appear on your card..which I think is bullshit. If I get an email that Presto has approved my Credit Card transaction, I expect the funds to be on my card right away..not the case. I loaded my card at 4:30am, recevied an approval email at 4:45am and by the time I boarded my bus at 5:35am, the funds were not available on my card. I managed to board the bus because I still had $5 left on there but my story isn’t over yet.

So a one way trip from my local GO station to Union is $5.70. I had about $5 when I boarded the bus…I tapped my card and $4.50 was deducted with the remaining fare to be deducted when I tap at Union Station. I arrived at Union and tapped my card…$1.29 was deducting and then saw “–0.80” (or some negative number) for funds remaining on card.

When your Presto card reaches a negative balance, your card pretty much “locks out” and any pending transactions like the funds I added at 4:30am are on hold. So, I loaded money on to my card, but the funds are held because of my negative balance. Am I missing something here? My card tells me I owe money but the system holds the funds that have been reloaded on my card. WHY DOES YOUR SYSTEM DO THIS?? So if your Presto card goes into negative balance before topping it up with cash, your card locks out and your money transfers to the card don’t get loaded onto the card.

How do you ‘unlock’ your card? You have to visit a GO Transit ticket window, pay off the negative balance along with a $0.25 fee for the over draft. Uggh. Some may think I’m making a big deal about this, but the system is TOO SLOW!!!!!! When I load up my card, I expect the funds to be transferred as soon as the transaction is approved…am I right?


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  1. Grid Engine 5 October 2011 at 11:42 pm Permalink

    Agreed, the internet was invented ages ago, and yet Presto still needs the slowest machine (aka: human) to unlock the card. I just loaded up the account and got the email from Presto right away, but I needed to wait (up to?) 24 hours before I can use the money loaded.

    Rayson (Grid Engine & Grid Scheduler)

  2. Sal 9 October 2011 at 9:42 am Permalink

    Rayson, it’s ridiculous! I was so upset at the running around I had to do to get my card running again. Doesn’t it state anywhere that Presto is supposed to make transit easier? I guess if it’s not in writing, they do have to provide it.

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